Day +70

Well hello December!  Twenty-two shopping days until Christmas, and I can proudly say that I’m almost done mine.  Luckily, online shopping has made it so that I didn’t even have to step into a busy, germ filled store, but could sit quietly with a cup of tea browsing for gifts.

On the health front, things are good.  My follow-ups are now every two weeks, instead of weekly and I FINALLY finish the Ganciclovir next Wednesday.

I’m STILL struggling with nausea, and can’t seem to eliminate the olanzapine from my list of daily meds. The BMT team assures us that this is not that strange, and they also continue to remind us that everyone is different.

In happy news, my HAIR has started to GROW!! ….I mean…it’s really no big deal *wink* they’re fine little wispy hairs, but they’re definitely growing. My finger nails however, have started to peel. Yep, that’s as gross as it sounds, and it’s also pretty painful. Again, BMT docs say that it’s not unusual and not to worry, but it’s making day to day tasks like getting dressed, painful.

I don’t think that I mentioned it at the time, but the bottom of both of my feet also started to peel earlier in my recovery, and my lips are perpetually dry and peeling no matter the water I drink or the lip balm I apply. I joke that it’s like everything is trying to jump off of my body. My hair, my skin, and now my nails. It affirms just how toxic chemotherapy is to all of the body’s systems. A necessary evil of sorts, I know.

Our house is on it’s way to christmafied. The tree is up and lit waiting for the ornaments that we’ll hang this weekend, and thanks to momma we’ve enjoyed our first little sweets from our advent calendars that she never fails to supply. You’re never too old for chocolate in the morning!


6 responses to “Day +70

  • Sylvia/Ken Ransom

    ”Tis the season for good things, enjoy decorating the tree….love this time of year🎄🎄

  • Dianne

    Good news on the hair front. Sure hope your peeling skin and nails improve soon…it does sound quite nasty 😕. Enjoy the season Jess 💗

  • Joanne Perreault

    Love seeing your blog pop up in my mail…😀 As always can’t wait for the updates..your hair looks great!! Don’t forget to share a pic of your Xmas tree. Merry Xmas to you and your Hub. Keep smiling! Hugs coming your way …Joanne & Gates xx 🤗🎄

  • Lisa Brankley

    Jessy! Jeremy and I were hanging tree ornaments and there is one I have which we made together years ago and I wonder if you the same one still hanging on your tree too! Thinking of you all the time and so happy to get your update…it must be remarkable to look back to the beginning, with daily treatments and medications and to see how things have progressed so positively forward and how you are on fewer meds and bimonthly appointments…you go girl!!!!!! Sending heaps of love. Lisa

  • Lisa Brankley

    A message posted on behalf of mom and dad:

    We’re away right now and can’t respond to the blog, although we could read it. Love the humour and that you’re enjoying the Christmas season — the shopping , the chocolate etc etc.

    Love the updates.

    With love and admiration,

    Bert and Kathy

  • Sylvia Carscadden

    HI Jess – nice to hear about your progress – sounds as if there are some bumps but getting ahead. And your hair looks great!!

    Christmas preparations!! I hope you are feeling well to enjoy some Christmas spirit.
    I cited you to a young friend tonight who moved to Austrailia in the summer and was hit by a car with terrible injuries, but not to her head. She has made a remarkable recovery. The two of you are inspiring, making choices to look forward. truly women of courage. I admire you both. You might even know her – Andrea Kisser-Quig. She went to Lo Ellen. Sending love Sylvia

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