Day +30 (1 month)

It’s been one month since day zero, ONE MONTH since I got my stem cells back. I can’t even believe it!

It’s been an uneventful couple of weeks here. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have good days and bad days.

In general, my energy level is better than prior to transplant. I’m not waking up every morning already planning how to get back to bed, and sleep. Rest assured however, I am still a #sleepviking, and taking “healthy” naps…especially on bad days.

Not much else feels different so far. I’m still pretty unsteady when I stand or walk, and keyboarding is still proving to be more challenging than a few months ago. I write this with an awareness of what the doctor’s said all the way through. The goal wasn’t to get more function, that will be a plus, the goal was to stop further loss of function.


Module L , waiting to have my PICC line removed

Some of the highlights from this week included: our weekly check-in at Module L (went fine, AND they took out my PICC line!), and a trip to a matinée of Bridget Jones’ Baby. It was cute, and mom enjoyed it too. We took a lovely drive to see the fall colours in the Gatineau Park, and we made it up to the Champlain lookout. What a view!

Photo 2016-10-17, 12 42 55 PM.jpg

Me and mom at Champlain look out.

I’m feeling a little bit of cabin fever. We’ve gotten a bit of conflicting info about whether or not I am “cleared” to leave the house. Some of the BMT nurses say no, while some say that going out is ok as long I stay out of crowds.  Unfortunately, the puzzles I took out for the puzzle addict mom have pieces that are too small for me to manipulate. She just bought one with larger pieces, we’ll see how that works.

The hubs has also reintroduced me to cribbage, and so we have a bit of a contest on, loser (the hubs), owes the winner (me) a coffee. *wink*

My appetite, has been up and down. I’m still taking all the anti-nausea meds (olanzapine, Zofran, Maxeran, Nabilone) and they’re still doing their job. *thumbs up*

Now a final note…on hypochondria. Ha! How’s that for a closer! I joke, but it’s real.  I am surprised (a little) to find out how hyperaware I am of EVERYTHING. The food I’m eating, the people I’m near, the doorknob I’m turning, or the handrail that I’m using. With their germs everywhere…forever unclean… I’m really having trouble not turning into a germaphobe who panics at the occasional sneeze, but I’m doing my best.  They keep comparing my fragile immune system with that of a baby’s, and I’m telling myself babies are resilient…hey, it’s how I get through.


6 responses to “Day +30 (1 month)

  • Kevin GRIFFIN

    Jess, thanks for the update! I hope I’m not being too invasive but need to ask about the continued nausea….any idea what it is related to? Was the nausea expected at this point in time or is this unusual?
    P.s., glad to see that otherwise things have been uneventful!

    • Keeping Balanced

      Hi Kevin, apologies for taking a spell to get back to you. The continued nausea seems strange to me also but the docs don’t seem concerned at all. They keep reminding me that the chemo was SO strong that some of the side effects might take quite awhile to subside, and since nausea was my particular flavour of side effect, it’s not strange that I’m still dealing with it. We haven’t tried tapering the anti-emetics again yet. I imagine we might do that this week.
      I hope that helps a little,

  • Sylvia Carscadden

    Nice to hear from the real “you”Jess. You look fabulous and Judy looks good too! Getting out will bring back some energy maybe. At least is isn’t the hospital! Yes it is good to keep your eyes on the goal of all this – to not lose what you have. But it will take time to recover so a day at a time is probably a good idea. I am one to talk. I am going into my 3 rd week of wicked sciatica and I am NOT patient. I love your head gear. It looks terrific. I think we should all consider scarves and turbans. It would be so much easier. Thinking of you daily. Sending love Sylvia

  • Sylvia/Ken Ransom

    So glad to see you got out to see the beautiful Fall colours👍

  • Lightfoot Bikes

    Jessy, it’s wonderful to read that your energy is improving and you have been able to go out and enjoy the fall colours, movies – -and I hope…sushi?! It is understandable that you would be nervous about infection – you’re not even 6 months old yet!! 😉 Your conscientious approach to recovery is so admirable and I hope you can continue to go and enjoy things you love with people you love. Please let us know what we can send you in the meantime – more puzzles? A new card game? Movies? These wonderfully written, wry, honest updates mean so much to us Jess and we just admire and love you dearly! Thinking of you xoxo Lisa ,& ,Jer (p.s. Please let us know when you are able to have an in person visit – we’d love to share a tea and a game of cribbage!)

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