Sometimes you’re the windshield…

Hello again all! It’s Jess, back in front of the keyboard. Momma did so well with her updates, I’m grateful that she helped document the process. I’m not sure what good drugs I was on I was thinking that I was going to be able to do it, I just had no energy to update you properly myself.

Last she posted, I was out of the hospital for the second time, and going to the BMT clinic on Oct 5th.

October 6th, 2016 (Day +13) to October 16, 2016 (Day +23)

A belated happy thanksgiving to you all!  I have so much to be thankful for, not least of which are all the wonderful, thoughtful people in my life. This experience has been made tolerable by the lovely surprises and great support I have received in recent days. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Photo 2016-10-07, 7 19 24 PM.jpg

Me and sis. You may notice that my right eye looks weird, I burst a blood vessel, adding to the overall loveliness I got going on right now. *wink*

Both Daddio, and the Sister were in town for thanksgiving and it was awesome to see them. Daddio even came to the BMT clinic one day so that he could see where I was spending so.much.time.

Fall is in full swing, and we’ve had some beautiful autumn days. Momma has done her best to encourage me to get some fresh air every day, and I’ve even been out for a couple of short strolls.

Photo 2016-10-12, 11 22 13 AM.jpg

Mom and I took a short stroll at Hog’s Back park.

Over the last 10 days, my time has been spent between home and the BMT clinic. I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had another admission to hospital since our last post.

As you may recall, I started out by having an appointment every day at the BMT clinic (day hospital), then it became every other day.  On October 9th, I was officially “discharged” from the hospital. This means that, I will no longer have appointments on 5 West, as part of the day hospital, and if I need to be readmitted I have to go through the emergency department like everyone else – they are no longer holding a bed for me.  It also means I will start to be seen once a week in the BMT clinic in Module L, at the hospital. (Much more like a doctor’s office than a hospital room.)

On October 11th, I had my first “post-transplant” appointment in Module L. Nothing significant to report. They do blood work at these clinics but we don’t have to wait around for the results anymore, and we were told that they would call if there was something urgent. So, no news, is good news.

Photo 2016-10-13, 10 40 35 AM.jpg

A work of art by mom. So.many.pills.

The song lyrics for how I’ve been feeling these last 10 days are: “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.” I have good days, and bad. Some days I have energy, some days I sleep most of the day.  I’ve been struggling with nausea, but the doctor changed my anti-emetics from “as needed”to several times a day.  It seems that that has taken the edge off of the nausea. The doctors assure us that all of this is normal.

Another common side effect – poor appetite. Although I’m not nauseous, my appetite is pretty much nonexistent. I’m mostly eating soup, jello, toast, and crackers and cheese. Everything tastes strange, and NOT in a good way. I wouldn’t call it metallic so much as bitter.

One other side effect that I’ll mention that’s popped up, is hyper-pigmentation. Busulfan causes this, and it’s under my arms, and in the creases where my body meets my legs. We were told it would happen, and that it would resolve itself.


3 responses to “Sometimes you’re the windshield…

  • Joanne Perreault

    So happy to see this blog this morning 🤗 just thinking of you yesterday and looking forward to an update. Happy to hear all is going as planned 👍🏽
    Hugs to everyone and happy belated to all of you🍗

  • Lisa Brankley

    Jessy – I was so glad to read that you and the family were all together for Thanksgiving…know doubt, like us, they were giving thanks for you, for your health and safety. You are such a great team. Please give them my love…we think of you daily and hope that the nausea is decreasing and the appetite is increasing. This blog is such a comfort to so many of us who know and love you – and I can imagine it will be of such value to someone seeking to understand the lived experience of this process. You are amazing Jess, Loving you, Lisa & Jer

  • Anne Pile

    Hey there Jess….so glad to hear about the “discharge”…..hope the days of “being the windshield” continue to overtake “being the bug”!!! Glad folks were down to visit….we are in California with Elizabeth and family….family sure is special!!! Thanks for sharing….keep writing…it’s a great gift to us🎶🎶

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