No news, is good news!

September 11th & 12th, 2016

Mom arrived around dinner time on the 11th, and at 8am the next morning, we were at the hospital waiting on my PICC line insertion. The nurses were (as usual) awesome, and by 11am, we were done and headed home. I spent the afternoon resting and had nothing really interesting to report, no news is good news.


Double lumen PICC line (The pink stuff is the disinfectant they used.)

September 13th & 14th, 2016 (Day -10 & -9)

From this point onwards, the doctors and nurses refer to the days leading up to the transplant (which is day 0) as (-) days, and the days after the transplant as (+) days.

Mom and I were at the hospital for 7:40am on the 13th. We headed to the BMT unit, and got settled for the day. The nurse drew my blood, and then we waited for the results before starting the chemo (Busulfan). Once we got the go ahead, they hung the chemo and started the IV Busulfan.  It is a 3 hour infusion, and both the doctor, and nutritionist came in to see me before noon.

Day -9

Day -9

The nutritionist is a lovely lady named Diane, and she was full of necessary (and helpful) information.  We went though the list of foods I am to avoid now that the chemo has started and I am becoming increasingly immunocompromised. These include: fresh berries (too many nooks and crannies), soft cheeses, raw nuts, cold cuts, raw or runny eggs, fast food (oh, the humanity!), etc…

She was also able to steer us towards the foods and nutritional supplements that will help support my energy needs, as the transplant progresses, and I deal with the potential side effects of the chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and mouth sores. (Good times!)

I was done chemo by 2pm, and we started for home. I treated myself to a piece of congratulatory cherry cheesecake on the way…first day down, and I deserved it. :oP

The rest of the afternoon and evening, were uneventful, I am finding myself increasingly run down, but have been fortunate so far to avoid any nausea (woohoo!!)

The 14th passed as quickly as the day before, we were able to come in a little later (9am) to the hospital, which was nice. Following my blood draw, and the wait on the results, they stared the chemo infusion. The BMT pharmacist came in to explain my medicine schedule. It is is LONG(!), but more manageable, especially with the handy chart that was provided.

Again we were out by 2pm, and we made our way home. I napped for a good portion of the afternoon, really only rousing for dinner, and was in bed to sleep by 10pm.


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