Sunday, August 14th


We were still sitting in the waiting room when it hit 12:00am.  To their credit we arrived at 11:30pm and I was in a bed in observation by 12:30am. The nurse did my vitals, and they were perfect. My temp was again an unremarkable 36.9°C! I met the resident (Dr. Perry..I think) with the BMT team and had my blood drawn. Once they decided that I was indeed staying for a dose of antibiotics (better safe, than sorry) the hubs and mom left for home (because I was feeling fine) around 1:30am. When my results came back shortly thereafter, Dr. P confirmed that my BMT doctor was happy I was there as my neutrophils were “very very” low.  Folks, even if he just decided to keep me because it was already 2:00am, I felt like at least we hadn’t come in for nothing, nothing. Next up, I was waiting for a bed on the floor, and as it was the middle of the night, it was going to be a while.


These boards are everywhere, and they’re screwed to the wall. I love that they include the patient’s doctor and nurses names. I also kinda like the pain scale, because I think people often have trouble assessing their own level of pain.

Saturday night in observation was about exactly how you would expect: Two drunks, a couple of falls, a handful of people who could have gone to a walk in, and one elderly lady who was VERY unhappy about being at the hospital. We were all in a big room, sectioned off by curtains. There was no sleep to be had.

About 3:30am, I needed more Dilaudid for the bone pain, and Maxaran for nausea. At 4:30am, the 2mg of Dilaudid they had given me wasn’t cutting the pain enough,  nor was the Maxaran. They upped the Dilaudid to 4mg, and allowed me to take one of the olanzapine I had brought from home. Both did the trick, and it went Dilauded every two hours after that.

Between 5:00am and 11:00am, when mom and the hubby arrived, I alternated between trying to rest and wandering around a little away from the melee. By noon I was in a semi-private room. Then, my room mate left minutes after I arrived. For however long, I had a room to myself! The hubs and mom got me settled and then left to let me sleep, and I did, on and off for the rest of the day and evening.


The view from my new room. LOL


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