But we’ll get it out of the way early, she said

Thursday, August 11th & Friday, August 12th

Thursday passed much like the past couple of days.  Nothing to report, except maybe that I felt really good after dinner, and mom and I went to BOTH Second Cup AND Starbucks for an after dinner treat. Why?  Because I could.

Those that know mom will appreciate that this was a big deal.  My mom has never appreciated understood $5 coffee.  Fair enough, it is a little insane and like most responsible adults, *spits* wasting money on “fast food” has always been discouraged.

But Thursday night, she was all game.

And like any mature child person, I decided on the swimming pool size Venti Mocha, a square, AND a cookie. *shakes head*

Uncomfortably stuffed Satisfied, I headed to bed but tossed and turned until midnight.  In my infinite wisdom, my brain decided that then was the perfect time to seriously worry about the nausea to come with the transplant. *wide eyes*

I soothed myself by scouring ‘the Google’, and learning that something called Sea Bands has had some success and works using acupressure points.  I also read up on scopolamine patches, which others have said help too. You name it, I’ll try it!

Satisfied with more info, I slept restlessly most of the night.

Friday morning was my “put our eyes on you” appointment at the hospital at 8:15am. The BMT team says that they just like to physically see people’s faces before the weekend. There are obviously doctors on call all weekend, but I sense that it’s (much) more of a production if you have to come in on the weekend. Easier to hang some fluids on Friday in the clinic, than admit someone for the same thing on the weekend.


My mama.

I NEVER would have scheduled an appointment at 8:15 in the morning, but we were gung-ho I guess when mom made the appointment a few weeks back (no sass). I get that when feeling well, you think “hey, I’ll get it out of the way early and then have the whole day to do other things.” My stomach never does really well in the morning, and suggesting that it be up, dressed, and human by then proved to be a strategic error. More than a little green, we made it to the hospital with time to spare.

I’m learning, that two things are unwise:

  1. an empty stomach
  2. a full stomach

Going forward I’ll be sure to have some crackers or a granola bar with me wherever I go. For today, mom ran to Second Cup and acquired a blueberry scone.  A couple of mouthfuls of that and I was feeling WAY better.


Waiting for bloodwork.

We saw Erin, a nurse practitioner with the BMT team, and had my vitals taken. Still alive. :o) They also took some blood, to see where my counts were.

We discussed the nausea and my meds, and were reminded that this weekend I would probably be neutropenic. So no crowds, kids, or anyone sick.  She also emphasized the importance of calling if I got a fever. A fever for our purposes is anything over 37.5 degrees Celsius. I have to take my temperature four times a day – so I guess it’s kind of important. *smirk*

We got home around 10am, did my neupogen shot, and then I slept until 2pm. So.much.sleep. Even for me.

When I woke it was raining (hallelujah). We needed it desperately.  Mom and I then watched Rosie MacLennan win gold for Canada in trampoline!  It’s interesting (if maybe a little self involved) to see these athletes at the pinnacle of physical performance while I’m feeling so unwell. I really do love to see them so happy, excited, and energetic. It reminds me how amazing the human body is – the negative, and the positive.

The hubs went to fetch dinner (we really have eaten in/well every other day this week…no really!) and I enjoyed half of my supper (small, frequent meals – also better for the tummy).

I spent the rest of the evening catching up with my PVR, and was in bed before 10pm.

Happy weekend!





3 responses to “But we’ll get it out of the way early, she said

  • Dianne

    It sounds like you’ve had quite the first week Jess. I’m sure all the sleep is what you’re body needs. All your peeps here in Sudbury are cheering you on, sending hugs, kisses and a basket full of good wishes! Love you tons! 😘

  • Sheila

    Yes, we certainly are! And Jessie, I met a lady who told me about those bracelets with beads for nausea and she told me that they worked really well for her on a cruise to deal with sea sickness. It would be great if they an help with this type of nausea, too.

    Great to see a photo of your Mama. She looks happy!

  • Sylvia Carscadden

    Your body is pretty amazing too considering what you are asking it to do. Be amazing, body!!!

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