Quiet is good.

Tuesday, August 9th & Wednesday, August 10th

I was up bright and early at 8 am on both days, and was able to shower. It’s so nice to feel clean!! Mom made breakfast, and I took all of my meds. My stomach was a little upset and burned, but breakfast and a cup of tea seemed to help.


Mom gave me my neupogen injection, and I settled in to watch some Olympics.

On Tuesday I woke from an afternoon nap, feeling like I had gotten hit by a truck. I wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep, but my body was angry from sleeping so much already. I had a crick in my neck, and my arms just felt so heavy.  I made it through dinner, and was in bed by 7pm.

Wednesday was much the same in the afternoon, but I managed to stay awake until 8pm. #wildthing

I can only describe the way I feel the past couple of days as a general malaise.  My temp is good, I’m not sick sick, and I have no real pain to speak of. I’m just so tired. Tired, but restless…and a little nauseous. Kind of like getting over the flu.

All in all though, a couple of quiet days! (I’m not complaining)


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