On your mark…

Saturday, August 6th, 2016
hospital arrival

*A little blurry* Our arrival at the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital shortly before 11 am. We left admitting and made our way to the BMT unit.  I got settled (my room was quite bright and the bathroom was quite close – which was handy as they reminded me that I was expected to pee every hour for the 24 hours following the chemo) and had my blood drawn.

After the results of the blood tests came back, it was time to get the show on the road. The hubs stayed with me, while my mom headed home to rest and do her thing. She was the lucky one doing the night shift.

Jamey and Jess at hospital

About to get the party started.

The nurse gave me all of my premeds (to prevent nausea, and protect my kidneys) and the chemo got started around 2 pm.  The nurse warned me that my head might start to feel congested (boy was she right), and around an hour in, they gave me a dose of Benadryl to help with that. It felt just like a head cold, complete with sneezing and sinus pressure. Luckily the Benadryl did the trick.

Everything was pretty uneventful for the afternoon, and the hubs and my mom spelled each other off around 7pm.


The nausea started around 9pm, and didn’t let up until the next morning. I (We) dozed in 10 min intervals, maybe, but was (were) up most of the night. They tried EVERYTHING. Zofran, Decadron, Maxeran, Stemetil, and finally Gravol towards the morning. We got so desperate, we tried acupressure on my wrists even. Nadda. The nurses who by now I’m sure wanted to shove the call bell down my throat didn’t know what else to offer.

Luckily, when my morning nurse came in, she had a plan.



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