A lot can happen in a year…

One crazy year

It’s been a BIG year!

The highlights:

  1. I ended a relationship, and rekindled another
  2. I totaled my car (Thank God nobody was hurt…except the poor deer RIP)
  3. I bought a new car
  4. I moved
  5. I started a new job
  6. I lost and then gained 10 pounds
  7. I reduced my hours at work
  8. I lost the ability to write by hand
  9. I got married(!)
  10. I learned to write by hand in a different way

It is now widely accepted that chronic stress  can lead to, and exacerbate illness. The year preceding my diagnosis of  CIDP, was arguably the most stressful of my life up to that point.  I am conscious that stress (even happy stress) effects my health.  It effects my function, as well as my energy level.  Naturally a “high strung” person, it’s a battle I am always fighting with myself.  I am proud to say that years of chronic illness coupled with unexpected twists and turns in my life, have lead me to a much more “zen” place.  I’ve gotten here because I had to…one might say “chill out, or die”, and it will ALWAYS be a work in progress for me.

As 2015 draws to a close and there looks to be calmer seas on the horizon, I am taking some time to look back, but also ahead to what I want for 2016.  I survived, and more importantly (mostly) enjoyed this year.  It no doubt had an impact on my health, and has left me with an energy and functional deficit I’m working to get back to black.  But it was totally worth it. I could try to live in a bubble, where I resist change.  But then again, it’s stressful to avoid stress…and where’s the fun in that?!

This year, the changes I made were out of necessity. The things I did, were largely to keep my head above water. Next year, I hope that I can make more changes by choice, and spend some time working towards becoming even more myself. That includes sharing more of my journey here with you. The wins, the losses, the mundane, and the significant.

Stay tuned and learn with me, while I investigate assistive devices, and technology; interact with physical and occupational therapists, nurses and physicians; increase, decrease, and try new drugs; work more, work less, and maneuver through everyday life, and relationships, with a chronic illness.


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